How to Access Your Wireless Router Using Address?

Today it is the world of internet and if you have to connect your device your router you need to use the perfect IP address code otherwise you will not be able to access your router. There is another most important thing you need to know about the IP address that, every router for every model there is a default IP address code that is or But sometimes you might face a problem using this IP address code but you there is a solution for this problem; you can also access your router using IP address

In many software or network companies, they usually use a modern router such as Billion ADSL, Westell, 3com Office Connect and much more. In this type of model router, you will be able to access your router by using a default IP address IP.

How to Access Your Wireless Router Using Address?

How to Access Your Wireless Router Using Address?

Well, if you are having any problem regarding accessing your router using default IP address then you are on the right track. In today’s post, I will give you some guides about how to set up your wireless router if it is not working properly on your PC or browser.

What is the use of IP Address Code?

For many routers and modems, we use a default IP address at our home or different offices which are But there are certain cases where this IP address code may not work, in that case, you can type, it will help you to access your router by repairing your new devices.

What is the use of IP Address Code?

This IP address will help you to access the settings of your default IP address, and your problem will be solved very easily. But did you ever notice the difference between these two IP addresses and, the only difference is the last three digit?

The IP address codes are private IP address and always keep in mind that this IP address is only for an IPv4 address not for Ipv6. This IP address is used as a default IP address for a large number of routers such as cable modems and ADSL.

This IP address is mostly used by modern routers such as Alcatel ADSL Modems, Thompson ADSL routers, Westell ADSL Modems, 3Com routers, ADSL billions of routers, SRW2023 Linksys switches, 2Wire routers, TP-Link routers and also for Motorola or Cayman Netopia Internet gateways.

How to access your router using IP address

To access your router using IP address code you just have to follow the few steps. Just follow the instruction carefully which I am going to provide here down below:-

  • If your router is using an IP address code then, first of all, you have to open your internet browser.
  • Then type this following IP address into your address bar and press enter.
  • After that, they might ask you for a username and password, and then you have to consult the router manual what is the exact username and password of your router model.
  • That’s it now you will be able to access your router connection.

What if your IP address is Not Working?

Sometimes you may still face a problem even after typing IP address in your internet browser. This type of problems often comes by almost every people. So here are the things you need to check why this IP address is not working.

  • First of all, you need to check whether the IP address of your router is properly typed or not.
  • Sometimes you might face this kind of problem if you typed HTTP:// before your router IP address. If it is then, you should try out without using it.
  • And also this type of problem may occur if your firewall is enabled. So you should try out by disabling your firewall.
  • If your router is a wired cable, then you need to check out the connection between your PC and router.
  • After that try to reset your router.
  • Or else, try to reset your computer.
  • Or, you need to reset your local area network connection.

If you forget your Username and Password:

Sometimes if you forget your username and password, you need to try out some of these combinations. It might help you.

  1. Username: admin

Password: admin

  1. Username: root

Password: admin

I hope you will get a great benefit with this article. If you have anything to say, then you can freely give your comment.

TP LINK Default Router Username and Password

In order to connect any device to the internet, you need an IP address. Among that is one of the most common IP addresses we usually use for any routers as a default gateway. In any offices, colleges or in any manufacturer industries, we use this IP address for setting up the network of any wireless router.

But it is not necessary to keep as a default IP address you can change the IP address according to your favorite settings. You can also use for some other router as your default gateway. But if your network is connected properly and if you don’t have any problem then you don’t have to change.

How to Fix if you Can’t Access with Router IP Address?

Sometimes you might face some problem with your internet connection, and there may be various reasons for that such as:-

  1. The IP address of your system may not be properly configured.
  2. Sometimes, even after configuring proper IP address, you may face this type of problem due to improper router’s default setting.
  3. Sometimes this problem may occur due to some improper proxy setup.
  4. It may be also due to improper connection of a modem with your router.

So if you are facing such kind of problem like you are unable to access any sites then follow these instructions carefully which I am going to mention down below:

  • First of all, you need to click on START button of your Windows PC.
  • After that type “RUN” on the search box then followed by “CMD” command.
  • Now type “ping” on your Windows PC and wait for few minutes to get the result.
  • Now if you can open your browser and access any websites then your network is connected properly, but it still shows the message “request time out” that means your wireless router is not plugged in properly yet.

How to Reset your Wireless Router?

For each and every router you will get the username and password right at the back of the router and if you forget your password by mistakenly then you have to reset your router. So now I am going to provide you some guidelines in order to reset your wireless router.

  1. First of all, you have to turn around your wireless router and hold down the reset button for a while. In order to do that, you may need some pointy objects like a pen or screwdrivers.
  2. Now, release the reset button and then unplugged your wireless router for a few seconds.
  3. After that plug in your wireless router again and wait for a while unless your wireless router gets a boot up again. You have to wait for maximum for 1 minute.
  4. Now you can connect your computer system to your router through a network cable or by using Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Connect your wireless router through and type your default password of the admin.
  6. Now you will be able to change your default password and keep your strong password. This time make sure that you note down your new password or else store it in a free password manager.
  7. That’s it; your default password is finally changed, and you can save the new password of your router.

How to Login to IP Address?

If you change the default settings of your router, you need to type in your browser address bar simply. After that you have to enter your username and password, or else you can enter your default username “admin” and your default password” admin.” Now you will be able to access your router and log in your system successfully.

Now finally I would like to suggest you that if you are facing any kind of problem regarding IP address for changing your default username or password for your router, then you can follow the above steps which I have mentioned earlier.


This IP address is very important for every system to connect to the internet via the route, so, therefore, you must know about IP address very clearly for setting up your router. I hope you will get some help with my article and if want to share your feelings then you can freely give your comment.

How to Reset Wireless Router Username & Password?

If you are reading this post, it means that you are having a hard time resetting the username and password of your router. Well, it’s quite hectic as many of us don’t know much about routers. In fact, I have faced this problem lot of times and found it to be very much irritating.

So, I have decided to write this post and let others know about to get rid of this problem. But before we go into the details of how to get rid of this problem I would like to provide you with some brief insight about Routers and the IP address. So check this out down below.

How to Reset Wireless Router Username & Password?How to Reset Wireless Router Username & Password? is a default IP address, which is provided by some of the broadband routers and modems. This IP address is set by the router making companies, but it is quite possible for you to change it. For that, you need to follow some instruction and steps that I will mention later in this post.

How to Reset your Router Username and Password of IP

Resetting your username and password of your router can be quite hectic if you don’t know what you have to do to change it. Down below I have mentioned steps and processes by following which you will be able to reset your router’s username and password.

  • Default username and password: All routers have a default username and password set in. These default usernames and passwords are same for all the routers. But in some cases, it is seen that they don’t contain any username. Routers Netgear, VersaLink, etc. have the username “admin” and have “password” as the password. Whereas, routers like Belkin, etc. are examples of username fewer routers.
  • Check the User Manual: One of the basic things that you can do is Check the user manual that comes with your router. The user manual usually contains the IP address, username, and password. The default IP address is, but in some cases, it may differ. The user manual will contain all the information that you are looking for. So, what you need to do is enter the default IP address in the search bar of your Browser. Then enter the default username and password, and you will be able to change the username and password after that.
  • Use TCP software to locate IP Address: Suppose that the router you bought didn’t come with a user manual. In that case, you can open a prompt command window and type “config” command. Under the “Default Gateway” command you will see that the IP address of your router has been listed. To run the prompt command on your windows, you need to press the “Windows” key and “R” key at the same time. For Linux, press “Ctrl” key, “Alt” key and “T” key at the same time. For MAC you need to go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal, there you need to type “IP-Config” and click on “Return, ” and you will get the IP address.
  • Electronic User Manual: This is another way of knowing your default IP address. Visit the router company’s official website, and there you will find the electronic user manual. But remember that if you have changed the default IP address at some point, then this user manual won’t work. To get the electronic user manual, you need to provide your routers model number in the search option of the company website and start searching. Make sure that you have entered the correct model number of your router.
  • Reset your Router Settings: Suppose that you have changed the login information of your router at some point and you have forgotten the information. So at this point, the only thing that you can do is reset the password of the router and restore everything to the default settings. In order to do that what you have to do is press the “Reset” button on the router for 30 seconds. Resetting the router will delete all the settings of the router and the username and password will be reset to its default.

Final Verdict:

So these are the processes that you can follow when you need to reset the username and password of your router. I hope that this post was helpful to you then share this. And if you have any more queries then leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Configure Wireless Router Settings Using IP?

The router is a connecting device that used to connect your system to a network. The router is used to send information in packets to its desired destination in packet switching network. It acts as a dispatcher that identifies the way to send information packet. All router has initially individual IP address.  is a common IP for many routers. Manufacturers use this IP address as a default address, but users can change this default IP address within the range of to

How to Configure Wireless Router Settings Using

Configure Wireless Router Settings Using

To change the default setting and configuration of router you first need to connect the router to your system. You have to follow many steps to change the default settings of the router. All the settings are available in the router control panel. In control panel, you can set the Network Configuration, Wireless configuration, LAN settings, and WAN configuration. To change the default settings you need first to login to the router management console. Every router has default username and password. Generally, in most of the cases, username and password are both “admin.” Now I am going to share all required information to change settings of the router in the router control panel.

Note: Management console of router differs from router to router. But the general setting always remains same.

How to Login Router with

To log in to the control panel of router you first need to connect your router to the computer system. Use LAN cable to connect the router to the system. You can also connect the router to Wi-Fi, but it is recommended to use LAN cable to connect the router. Then put the default IP address of the router that you will find in the body of the router on the address bar of Google Chrome. If it is connected successfully, then you will redirect to the login page of the router management console. Then enter the default username and password to enter in the control panel of the router.

Router Main Control Panel:

After you successfully logged in, you will be on the router control panel. Look at the above screenshot; you will find many tabs to change your router default settings.

Network Status information:

If the router gets successfully connected to the internet provider then in the status information tab in the control panel you will get all the status of your connectivity. In this status information, you will get all information in details – About the router connection status.

Change Network Settings:

In the network setting, you can change the default IP address of the router. It is always recommended to change the default IP as hackers can easily hack your network if you are using default IP address.

But whenever you changed the default address then hackers will not able to track your IP address. In the above screenshot, you will find all the information regarding network settings. It has two WAN connection type-Static IP and Dynamic IP. To change the IP address you need to set the connection type to Static IP.

Wireless Settings:

In the wireless setting tab, you can configure your wireless router configuration. In the wireless tab, you will find four more tabs-Wireless settings, wireless security, Wireless MAC Filtering, Wireless Advanced, Wireless statistics. In the wireless setting you can give the name of the wireless network, and in wireless security, you can give a password to your wireless network. I am always recommending to use a strong password to make your network more secure.

Above I have shared all major settings that need to change. There are many advanced settings that you can also change, but for that, you need to gather more experience. In my next article, I will provide all information to deal with the advanced settings. Now I am going to share steps to reset your router if in case you have forgotten the admin username and password.

Reset  Router:

If you totally forget the login admin password, then you have to reset the router to move back to its factory configuration. Every router has a reset button. You have to push that reset button for 20 seconds using needle-like substances. After successfully reset it will move to its default setting. You can use the same default username and password to login to its control panel.


I think you all have understood all the basic steps to change wireless router setting and configuration. If this article seems helpful, then please share this article over the social network. If you have any query, then please drop your valuable comment in the below comment box.

How to Change Default DNS Address on Your Windows PC Computer?

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System. It is generally a machine-readable IP address of your hostname. Means DNS change the human domain naming system to machine-readable format. Normally a phone directory and DNS system are same. The phone directory is generally required when you know the name of the person, but you don’t have the contact number. DNS is also doing the same thing and providing the same service.

How to Change Default DNS Address on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer:How to Change Default DNS Address on Windows 7/8.1/10 Computer

You can change the DNS settings right from your computer. This article is to give you full information to change the default DNS address or settings in Windows PC. Google has launched Google Public DNS through which you can override default DNS, and also you can specify which domain will use which IP address and DNS. Before going to know the step to change the default DNS in Windows, You may require knowing.

How DNS Setting Works

When you need to search any website, you need to put the Url of the website in the browser. This actually what we all did to visit a website. But internally DNS of your system works. The computer takes all information of the domain, where its location the internet from the DNS. In first step your system sends the name of the domain which you going to visit the DNS and DNS in returns to send the numeric address of the website means its IP address. With this IP address, your system gets connected to the desired webpage.

Now I am going to go through all the step required to change DNS address of your Windows System.

Configure your System DNS address

Before going to change the default DNS settings it is recommended to write your present Domain Name Server(DNS) address with all its information so that you can go to its default settings for any problem.

Note: Steps to change Domain Name Server of your computer may vary from Operating System to Operating System.

DNS Address on Windows  10 PC Computer:

  • Step 1: Open the control panel of your system.
  • Step 2: Now you have to click on Network status and Task.
  • Step 3: Then you have to click on option” Change adapter settings”
  • Step 4: Then click on the icon of internet provider or connecting that you are using.
  • Step 5: Then go to Properties option.
  • Step 6: Select Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)
  • Step 7: Then click on the properties of Select Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)
  • Step 8: Then click on the Use the following Domain server address.
  • Step 9: Replace the default DNS address with new Address.
  • Step 10: Click ok to save all your changes.
  • Step 11: You can check whether your new setup successfully works. For that, you have to Click on Test your new settings tab.

DNS Settings For Windows  8 and 8.1 PC:

Step 1: Go to your Desktop Screen.

Step 2: Click on the set menu.

Step 3: Go to control panel.

Step 4: Then click on Network and Sharing center option.

Step 5: Go to your left navigation panel and click to change Adapter settings.

Step 6: Click on internet connection icon that you are currently using. For wired internet connection, it will be Ethernet and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity.

Step 7: In the properties, window click on the properties button.

Step 8: Then click on the properties of Select Internet Protocol Version 4(IPV4)

Step 9: Then click on the Use the following Domain server address.

Step 10: Replace the default DNS address with new Address.

Step 11: Click ok to save all your changes.

Step 12: You can check whether your new setup successfully works. For that, you have to Click on Test your new settings tab.

INS normally provides default DNS to the customer and the server configuration is automatically maintained by DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). This is used to give an IP address to the devices that connected to the internet.


I think you understood all the required steps to change your default DNS server address from windows system. This step is different for every operating system like MAC OS, Linux etc. In my next article, I will provide all the steps to change default DNS server address for MAC and Linux platform. If this article seems good and helpful then please share this article and drop your valuable comment in the below comment box.Thanks.

How to Reset Router Username and Password?

Hackers today are becoming very advanced and can easily hack the wireless networks. No matter how difficult the admin password of router Wi-Fi is, the hackers can easily access it and hack the wireless network. This is the reason why you need to keep changing and reset the router password very often. Just after the first setup of the router password, it is necessary that the users keep changing or reset the router Wi-Fi password. Below is the step by step tutorial on How to Reset Router Wi-Fi Password manually.

Below are the Steps!

How to Reset Router Username and Password?

If you have forgotten or lost the password which you have set and want your Wi-Fi Router back into factory default password, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to manually reset the password. These steps will delete all the router’s configuration settings and set the router back to the factory defaults. You need to reset all the settings of your router like the wireless network SSID password, encryption settings and more after performing the below steps.

Step 1 – Press and Hold Reset Button

There is a reset button available at the back of the Wi-Fi Router which you need to keep pressing for 30 seconds depending on the brand of router you are using. Holding the reset button for the specific time will reset the router and revert its settings to factory default settings. You may use a pin or a thumbtack to press the button.

Step 2 – Connecting the Router to Computer Using LAN Cable

To access the administrator page of the router it is necessary that you connect the Wi-Fi Router to the computer using LAN cable. It is necessary to access the administrator page to complete the router’s configuration settings. You can also connect it to your laptop using its Wi-Fi connectivity. But the best way is to connect the router using the Ethernet Cable.

Step 3 – Accessing the Router’s Administration Interface

Some of the routers come with a non-routable internal protocol like the or the It is the internal address which can’t be accessed from the internet. However, we will discuss You need to connect the router to the PC and launch the web browser and in the address bar of the browser, you need to enter and hit the enter bar.

The admin login page will open where you need to enter the factor default admin ID and Password. Once you enter the admin ID and Password and hit enter bat the configuration settings page will open and you are required to click on Router’s Configuration Page to Reset the Router Wi-Fi Password manually.

Step 4 – Reset Password

You need to click on the Admin page and from there you need to open the Router’s Admin Settings or Configuration Page. There you will see the option to reset or create a new password. So, ensure to create a complex and strong password for the router’s admin. If you lose this password, then you need to follow the steps again to reset the password manually. IP Configuration | How to Access Your Wireless Router

This is the IP address of the ADSL modem. A majority of the brands that produce modems are accustomed to it and is primarily used by Linksys routers. Accessing the IP Configuration and altering the settings are basically meant to simplify the users’ lives. Once you are on the management panel by logging in your username and password, you have access to change configurations and settings like options, WLAN settings, Network Management, LAN, WPS, WAN, proxy, MAC, DSL, Security, ADSL etc.

If you know how to configure your router, you would be in a position to command the web connection from anywhere. Let us see how to do it. To configure your router, you need to key in into the address bar of your browser. This will lead you to the page where you will be asked to key in your username and password. If you do not see the router page, it means either you have keyed in wrong details or your computer is not connected to the right wireless network.

How to Troubleshoot Your IP Home Network?

Let’s troubleshoot these problems one by one. You can input the wrong password in case:

 How to Troubleshoot Your IP Home Network?

  • You had changed it earlier and don’t remember now.
  • You bought a used router and the earlier owner has reset the password that you are not aware of.

In each of these cases, you are required to recover the router password by resetting back to factory settings. Each device is equipped with a hidden button which helps in resetting. It needs to be pressed by a toothpick or a needle for around 20 seconds which will get the original or factory settings back on the router and any changes made would be written over.

In case you have no issues with the password and still, you are not able to access, then look for the following checklist:

  • Check if the router is turned on and try to reboot it by switching it off and on.
  • See if the computer has a connection to the router.
  • Check if your computer’s TCP/IP is configured correctly.
  • Check if the internet light on router internet light is on or is it blinking? Both have a different meaning, which you can check in the manual.
  • Check to confirm if the router is connected to the cable/DSL modem
  • Your computer’s TCP/IP settings are perfect, and the router is also connected to the Modem, but the Modem’s setting is in conflict with the router’s default setting and this creates interference in gaining access to the router.
  • One common mistake can be that instead of typing for router admin interface you typed 192.168.l.l. This is the most common error and you should always keep in mind that IP address is a combination of numbers and hence no alphabets should be used.
  • Proxy setup in the browser creates trouble at times.
  • If you have multiple network cards already on your machine, then their TCP/IP settings can conflict and create a problem.

You need to troubleshoot these problems one by one to see what exactly is causing the trouble to access your IP Configuration.