How to Change Default IP Address for D-Link Wireless Router?

The router is a hardware that connects your computer system with a network. It forwards data packets from one network to another network. The router sends information as a packet to their destination address. There are many types of router you will find on the market. All routers have the same configuration and control panel. Sometimes it may vary to the router to router, but the major functionality always remains the same. Every router initially uses the default IP address and default Login credentials. D-Link router has default login username and password. Now I am going to share all the steps of login to D-link router.

Default IP Address | Login Procedure of D-Link Router:

As every router has a default username and password. You have to put this credential to log in to the router control panel. D-Link router uses default IP address Most of the router manufacturers use this default IP address. You can change both default login password and IP address. For that, you have to go to its control panel or router management console. You required connecting your router to your computer. If successfully connected, then only you can make changes to its default settings.

Step 1

Connect your D-link router to your computer. You can use both LAN cable and Wi-Fi to connect it. But it is wise to connect LAN cable as it is very simple and everyone can undergo this steps very easily.

Step 2

Find your router default IP address. You can find it in the body of the router. Put the IP address on the address bar of your browser. If the router is successfully connected, then it will redirect to the Login page of the router control panel.

Step 3

Enter default username and password for D-Link router. In most cases, the default username and password are “admin.” In some router password is “password.” This username and password vary from router model to model. After successful login, you will be redirected to the main control panel. Now you are authorized to make any changes in the default router settings.

Many hackers always try to hack into networks which are still on their default router log settings. So, it is recommended to change the default admin password. It is also recommended to change the default IP address as hackers will not able to track with which IP address network are connected.

Now I am going to share all the information to change default admin password and other login credentials along with its default IP address.

Steps to Change Default Login password:

Go to the control panel. Click on Settings you will find the option to change the password. Then as a usual process to change the password you can set your personal admin username and password. In some D-Link model options and menu might be different. So search for the right option to change default username and password from menus and submenus.

Steps to change the default IP address:

In every router, you will find the option to change the default IP address in the Network Settings. This option is common in all routers .you don’t need to move to and fro to change it. You first have to know the range of IP address. It is from to You have to change it between this range.

Step to Give Wireless Network Strong Password:

Now every workstation internally connected through a wireless network. So to give this network a better security layer you have to put a strong password on its access level. It is recommended to give a secure password in the network to block access to any unauthorized users.

Click on the wireless tab present in the control panel. Then go to the wireless security and give your desirable password.

Apart from the password, there are many security layers available to make your network more secure. It is not possible to share full information about security in the same article. In my next article, I will share some advanced steps to keep your network secure. Lastly, it is essential to change the default username and password or simply default Login credentials.

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