How to Reset Router Username and Password?

Hackers today are becoming very advanced and can easily hack the wireless networks. No matter how difficult the admin password of router Wi-Fi is, the hackers can easily access it and hack the wireless network. This is the reason why you need to keep changing and reset the router password very often. Just after the first setup of the router password, it is necessary that the users keep changing or reset the router Wi-Fi password. Below is the step by step tutorial on How to Reset Router Wi-Fi Password manually.

How to Reset Admin Login Details:

If you have forgotten or lost the password which you have set and want your Wi-Fi Router back into factory default password, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to manually reset the password. These steps will delete all the router’s configuration settings and set the router back to the factory defaults. You need to reset all the settings of your router like the wireless network SSID password, encryption settings and more after performing the below steps.

Step 1 – Press and Hold Reset Button

There is a reset button available at the back of the Wi-Fi Router which you need to keep pressing for 30 seconds depending on the brand of router you are using. Holding the reset button for the specific time will reset the router and reset its settings to factory default settings. You may use a pin or a thumbtack to press the button.

Step 2 – Connecting the Router to Computer Using LAN Cable

To access the administrator page of the router it is necessary that you connect the Wi-Fi Router to the computer using LAN cable. It is necessary to access the administrator page to complete the router’s configuration settings. You can also connect it to your laptop using its Wi-Fi connectivity. But the best way is to connect the router using the Ethernet Cable.

Step 3 – Accessing the Router’s Administration Interface

Some of the routers come with a non-routable internal protocol like the or the It is the internal address which can’t be accessed from the internet. However, we will discuss You need to connect the router to the PC and launch the web browser and in the address bar of the browser, you need to enter and hit the enter bar.

The admin login page will open where you need to enter the factor default admin ID and Password. Once you enter the admin ID and Password and hit enter bat the configuration settings page will open and you are required to click on Router’s Configuration Page to Reset the Router Wi-Fi Password manually.

Step 4 – Reset Password

You need to click on the Admin page and from there you need to open the Router’s Admin Settings or Configuration Page. There you will see the option to reset or create a new password. So, ensure to create a complex and strong password for the router’s admin. If you lose this password, then you need to follow the steps again to reset the password manually.

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