How to Reset Wireless Router Username & Password?

If you are reading this post, it means that you are having a hard time resetting the username and password of your router. Well, it’s quite hectic as many of us don’t know much about routers. In fact, I have faced this problem a lot of times and found it to be very much irritating.

So, I have decided to write this post and let others know about to get rid of this problem. But before we go into the details of how to get rid of this problem I would like to provide you with some brief insight about Routers and the IP address. So check this out down below.

How to Reset Wireless Router Username & Password? is a default IP address, which is provided by some of the broadband routers and modems. This IP address is set by the router making companies, but it is quite possible for you to change it. For that, you need to follow some instruction and steps that I will mention later in this post.

How to Reset your Router Username and Password of IP

Resetting your username and password of your router can be quite hectic if you don’t know what you have to do to change it. Down below I have mentioned steps and processes by following which you will be able to reset your router’s username and password.

  • Default username and password: All routers have a default username and password set in. These default usernames and passwords are the same for all the routers. But in some cases, it is seen that they don’t contain any username. Routers Netgear, VersaLink, etc. have the username “admin” and have “password” as the password. Whereas, routers like Belkin, etc. are examples of username fewer routers.
  • Check the User Manual: One of the basic things that you can do is Check the user manual that comes with your router. The user manual usually contains the IP address, username, and password. The default IP address is, but in some cases, it may differ. The user manual will contain all the information that you are looking for. So, what you need to do is enter the default IP address in the search bar of your Browser. Then enter the default username and password, and you will be able to change the username and password after that.
  • Use TCP software to locate IP Address: Suppose that the router you bought didn’t come with a user manual. In that case, you can open a prompt command window and type “config” command. Under the “Default Gateway” command you will see that the IP address of your router has been listed. To run the prompt command on your windows, you need to press the “Windows” key and “R” key at the same time. For Linux, press “Ctrl” key, “Alt” key and “T” key at the same time. For MAC you need to go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal, there you need to type “IP-Config” and click on “Return, ” and you will get the IP address.
  • Electronic User Manual: This is another way of knowing your default IP address. Visit the router company’s official website, and there you will find the electronic user manual. But remember that if you have changed the default IP address at some point, then this user manual won’t work. To get the electronic user manual, you need to provide your routers model number in the search option of the company website and start searching. Make sure that you have entered the correct model number of your router.
  • Reset your Router Settings: Suppose that you have changed the login information of your router at some point and you have forgotten the information. So at this point, the only thing that you can do is reset the password of the router and restore everything to the default settings. In order to do that what you have to do is press the “Reset” button on the router for 30 seconds. Resetting the router will delete all the settings of the router and the username and password will be reset to its default.

Final Verdict:

So these are the processes that you can follow when you need to reset the username and password of your router. I hope that this post was helpful to you then share this. And if you have any more queries then leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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